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I Feel Stupid, But I think I've Been Catching On...

...I Feel Ugly, But I know I Still Turn You On...

Matchbox Twenty Is Love
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1. You must be a fan of Matchbox Twenty or a member of the band to join this community.
2. All entries must be related to Matchbox Twenty or a member of the band.
3. No promoting unless it is a community about Matchbox Twenty or a member of the band.
4. If you want the layout to this community, just post a comment on one of my entries and I will e-mail you the codes.
5. Have fun!

Matchbox Twenty is:

Vocals/Piano- Rob Thomas
Guitar/Vocals- Kyle Cook
Guitar/Vocals- Adam Gaynor
Bass- Brian Yale
Drums Paul Doucette

Image hosted by Photobucket.com If you have any questions, the Moderator is: Christina, dust_me_off Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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"Ever since I can remember, I always wanted to tell stories,
but I never had the patience to sit down at a typewriter
and write short stories or anything like that. I started
writing songs as a way of communicating ideas the best
way I could." - Rob Thomas

Rob Thomas has talent

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Matchbox Twenty is our love

Rob Thomas is 'Unwell' love

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[I am also the moderator of: matchbox_20]