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The closest rob is coming is to dallas and my parents wont let me go!!!!! its unbelieveably heartbreaking!
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that sucks.
i don't even know if i can go, my aunt was supposed to get me tickets, but i haven't heard and it's october 11th.
all the other tickets are sold out, so if she doesn't get them for me, i'm screwed.
no crap dude...
why can't rob come to the little crack-ass towns, or even my STATE for that matter? jeez ... we need love too!
hey i can't go to the houston or dallas shows. (i live in san antonio)

yep, i cried over it while spending $26.75 to buy the "i love rob thomas" shirt off his site.
Its just nobody of any importance EVER comes to el paso and the closest they get is Albequrque or dallas or that metropoliton area! and smallaggie im truly sry about being that close and not being able to go