indy_skies (indy_skies) wrote in matchbox_love,

fan perks

does anybody know a real way to get a message to rob/the band? i would like to send a short message expressing my displeasure over the fact that to become part of the fan community for the exile on mainstream website you have to pay $29.99US.

included in my message to rob and the gang would be the following points:
*i have been a 10-year fan
*i have purchased all their albums, some multiple times to replace cds i lost
*i have purchased albums for friends as gifts
*i have purchase concert dvds
*i purchased third row tickets for me and a friend to see MB20 during their more than you think you are tour
*i purchased exile on mainstream even though i already have most of the music and could have just bought single tracks off itunes
*i have bought concert merch
*i bought rob's solo cd (even though i thought it was crap) just to support him

anyway, my point is that as true fans i don't think we should have to pay to access the fan-portion of their new website.

so does anybody know a sure-fire way to contact rob or the band?
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